Ginger Wagoner


What should I wear the day of the session?
It’s not as much what you wear, but how you feel in it. I highly recommend that you wear what makes you feel good. That being said, in general, darks are slimming. And if you’re a fan of B&W, small patterns or non-patterned fabrics work best. But above all you need to feel like yourself. You know your best qualities – now’s the time to flaunt them.

What should I bring the day of the session?
Please bring what you LOVE! Feel free to bring anything you believe might be helpful in capturing your unique personality or purpose for the session. I am a very sentimental person and value reflecting the true you. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with props… I just want them to be yours and reflect you vs. studio props. For corporate jobs, you know what best represents your position, message, and mission statement. In both cases we will discuss your session in detail prior to the actual day, so please, don’t hesitate to bring me any and all ideas. I welcome your creativity and strongly believe that co-creating your session leads us to the best possible portrait.

What do I do with my hair and makeup?
Professional hair and makeup artists can be arranged for upon request. I work with amazing professionals who understand how to emphasize your attributes for the camera; apply “natural” makeup that doesn’t overdo it; and can work in studio or on location. If you choose to do your own hair and makeup, avoid doing too much more than your norm. I also only advise having a makeup session at a department store counter if you have worked with the person previously. Often you can come away from such an appointment with more makeup than you are used to wearing, and you may not feel like we’re capturing the real you.

Please contact the studio for specific quotes if you desire a hair and/or makeup stylist.

How many images are produced during a session?
This depends upon several parameters: the number of people included, the goal/style/purpose for the portraits, the length of the session, etc. It also depends upon the individual client. If you let me know that you value seeing almost every frame, I will conduct a much looser edit. However, most clients prefer to have me edit more tightly on the front end to help make the selection process more expedient, and I typically provide that service unless a request is made otherwise. In general, individual portrait sessions yield 60-100 images and events yield considerably more.

When will I see my portraits?
Personal Portrait Customers are treated to a premiere session during which you will be able to view your projected images in order to see detail. This is the best method for viewing potential wall portraits. Premieres can be scheduled at the time of the booking and generally fall approximately a week or two after the session itself. Portrait images are carefully edited and I personally process each image checking for correct color balance, focus, and ideal cropping.
Events and Commercial Sessions are typically processed and uploaded to a password-protected site. It takes approximately 3-5 days to process (edit, color correct, check focus and crop) your images. Images are then hosted for 30 days unless otherwise contracted. When they are edited and ready for viewing you will receive an email with the link and password.

How do I order my portraits?
Personal Portrait Orders are placed at the time of the premiere. Please feel free to invite whomever might be interested in purchasing portraits to attend the premiere. It can be very fun for grandparents, family members, and close friends to experience and participate (and can be a relief when they purchase their own portraits—no guessing what they might like or what size they prefer). We have a blast! I’ve had numerous clients bring wine, refreshments, and even dinner when premiering large family sessions. Please be sure anyone involved in the decision-making is able to attend. Subsequent premieres are subject to a fee.
Event and Commercial Orders may be placed through the online gallery service or from premiere proofs depending on booking request.

What if… my child has a bruise,… I get a mosquito bite,… the dreaded bump,… etc.?
Don’t sweat it! Final selected portraits include standard retouching (skin refinement, slight eye enhancement, and color correction). I’m a fan of the natural look and know we both want your portraits to be of you and your loved ones looking amazing, not retouched, right? So our custom retouching steps (yep, no “click here—one size fits all” retouching!) are designed to make you look your best. That being said, I don’t recommend removing all of your beauty marks. You’ve earned them – I just make them attributes, not focal points. For example, I’ve had a visible chicken pox scar since I was 4. If I removed it entirely, it wouldn’t be me. However, making it less noticeable still maintains who I am while accentuating my attributes. The bottom line is, we can take it as far as you want to go. Special retouching requests beyond our standard retouching are billed at $100/hr. However, there is a lot we can do in a matter of minutes. If you have specific requests, please ask for a quote.

How long do you keep my portraits on file?
We archive any images that are ordered from our sessions. Images that are created during the session but not ordered are deleted as we need the storage space. Typically this falls about six months after the session.

Did I hear correctly that you offer a lifetime guarantee on your portraits?
Yes! If you frame your portrait through Photosynthesis, we offer a lifetime guarantee on any portrait we have created. We primarily work with a local framer who sells only to commercial clients so we can provide you the best for less. We must be present with you for appointments since they do not sell to the public.

I hate to ask, but what if I don’t like my pictures?
After we get over our shock (because this has never happened since we opened in 1996), we will book another session with you free of charge. Photosynthesis offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you do not like anything from the session we will reshoot your entire session. Please be advised that if this is the case, the first session will be deleted and will not be available for orders.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
There is a $75 fee for session cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. If you are cancelling due to an illness, I will do my best to schedule someone else into your time slot and waive the fee. Between you and me, I hate to implement it as much as you hate to pay it, but session fees are budgeted based on filling the time.

If we haven’t answered your questions, please contact us directly so we can address your specific goals and concerns. We are frequently with clients during the day, but happy to respond to voicemails or emails as quickly as we can get to them.