Ginger Wagoner


My Professional Approach to Photography

Trying to capture the ephemeral yet undeniable sentiments of love and adoration with a camera brings me immense pleasure. My favorite photographs are pieces of art that convey deeply loving connections – parent and child, a mature couple, a breast cancer survivor learning to love her own body.

My goal is to reveal a glimpse of the spirit within my subjects. I want my images to say: “This is really me, here and now” not “I can say ‘cheese’ on command.”

My passion is immortalizing life’s precious passing moments; truly capturing the essence, the very soul of each person, and showing it to the world… and more importantly, to the beloved people closest to them.

I draw artistic inspiration from many areas: the determination of the smallest kid on the T-ball team, the paradox of beauty and power in dancers, the surprising profundity of young children. My commitment to you is that I will embrace what inspires you: chase it down, gently peel it back, capture a morsel of it, and preserve it for you forever.

Celebrating Life, Love & Light

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About Me

I love many things: key lime pie… sea turtles… and the smell of a darkroom. I love seeing a shooting star from a beach blanket… that my daughter still believes she wants to live next door when she grows up… and comfy jeans that fit just right (even after the key lime pie).

I am deeply grateful for the time I spend volunteering with causes close to my heart. Working with terminally ill children and their families, the homeless, and breast cancer survivors has allowed me to grow immeasurably. They are experiences that unfailingly humble me and gift me.

I am absolutely sentimental and nostalgic. I hate to part with anything that has meaning or potential (you should see my art room). I am a witness to the frenetic pace of life and all the unyielding passage of time…perhaps that is all that you need to know to understand why I love what I do so much.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me. I hope we have the opportunity to meet soon so that I can get to know you and your loved ones (and your favorite dessert too)!

Ginger Wagoner